Ankytrixx: the Latest Spark in India’s EDM Explosion



It seems like the mainstream music world is discovering electronic dance music slow and steady pace, with a groundswell heading for a global EDM explosion. Today, from news specials to its domination of pop radio hits, it’s everywhere. Throughout the genre’s history, big-name DJs have typically come from the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and other European nations, but now, the rest of the world is starting to catch up. American DJs are finally mastering the art and are quickly on the rise. In May 2013, YourEDM reported on the surprising growing popularity of EDM in China.

But there’s one nation that has been overlooked as far as production talent goes and that all music fans should start keeping a close eye on: India. The world’s second most populous country boasts a dynamic underground music scene that is poised to dominate the EDM world quite soon.

I saw this first hand at Amsterdam Dance Event in 2013, where one artist was truly one of the most impressive acts I saw all week. Ankytrixx is a deep house and techno DJ that has truly perfected the genre. Not only did he shine among the dozens of other deep house artists to perform, but his soulful style hinted at strong possibilities of commercial success as well.

After stalking his Soundcloud for hours to get a real feel for his production style, I need to recommend all techno fans listen to his Sanctum mixtape. Right from the start, he mixes in native Indian music to the steady bass of house to create one of the most unique sounds I’ve heard in quite awhile.

But he’s also working within recent industry trends. Its evident that jazz-filled beats are growing in popularity again; latest songs by Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake reflect this trend in the United States. Even Avicii’s latest album was filled with smooth tunes. Ankytrixx worked this style excellently among his deep house mix, showing the enormous potential of the Indian EDM culture.


Other acts touring India have also pointed at the clear rise in EDM within the country. Submerge Music, perhaps the largest Indian EDM promotion organization, has nearly 30,000 Twitter followers. That’s not a bad number for a startup group in a startup music scene considering Sensation, the largest promotion agency on the scene, only has 50,000. Notable acts such as Kaskade and Calvin Harris have been frequenting the country, with many other artists beginning to do the same.

India’s music scene is incredibly exciting for EDM fans, as the potential to completely rejuvenate the genre with fresh sounds is huge. It’s only a matter of time before we experience the first internationally recognized Indian DJ – I expect him to become a household name. Perhaps that famous DJ will be Ankytrixx, with his unique combination of the traditional and the trendy.