Producer Carl Dimataga

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Music Industry – The Fastest Evolving Industry

The music industry is going through changes like never before. The way music is created, produced, recorded and distributed continues to rapidly evolve being at the center of the online, social media and digital revolution. Old methods change or die, and the new generation struggles with an unclear roadmap with challenges and opportunities.

The role of the producer continues to be redefined and is becoming more and more the vital discipline in creating music great music, as technology enables musicians, singers, songwriters and engineers to take the producer reigns. Combining craftsmanship forged through time with the dynamic tools and infrastructure looks to be the best way forward for those to succeed with a career in the music industry of tomorrow.

Be a part of tomorrow’s music industry as we go through some of the biggest changes in the history of music.

Documentary Series – Studio Masters

We are currently in production for our Studio Masters documentary series, dedicated to our current and future members. This documentary series explores the minds of some of music’s leading studio professionals, teachers and innovators of the latest techniques and technologies. The first season features mastering engineer Pete Maher, recording engineer Steve Belgrave (Both working with U2 and The Rolling Stones) and Carlos Lellis Ferreira (Author of Music Production: Recording – Focal Press, lecturer at SAE London). See below preview

About the Music Producers Forum

The Music Producers Forum has a global social network that will exceed 20,000 members by 2014. The Forum’s articles and editorial is designed to feed the creative mind of the producer, from preproduction, recording, mixing, mastering to marketing and distribution. The moderated discussion forum (On Linkedin) enables you to tap into the minds and the experiences of your peers around the world. Events and meetups will give you the opportunity to meet other music professionals face to face and strengthen your professional network, one of your most strongest professional assets.

Collaborate and learn from the new to the seasoned music creator, and also feel welcomed whether you are an new or a seasoned music creator.

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