Jomar is the founder of the Music Producers Forum which started in 2007. He is an active independent musician, songwriter and producer and conducts private music lessons. He also works with marketing, media and publishing and has produced documentaries both independently and for the corporate market. Visit his music blog at

Shooting a Music Video – The Independent Musician and Filmmaker

Music Video edit screen of One More Chance by Jean Paul Espinosa

Never before have independent artists and bands had better access to shooting a music video with such powerful media tools to enable them show their craft in cinematic and broadcast quality. YouTube now provides open distribution infrastructure that delivers full high definition content (1080p) and the equipment to for high definition broadcast ready music video production can now be purchased in a consumer electronics and whitegoods store. Read more »

New Music Seminar 2014


The New Music Seminar is one of the oldest music industry events running. It had it's beginnings in 1980 when over 200 people convened at a New York City rehearsal studio to talk about the future of the music industry. Over the next 15 years, this event was a key music industry forum that gathered thought leaders from artists, producers and industry executives. Read more »

Music Industry Innovator Karl “Charlie” Steinberg


The Music Producer’s Forum had the great pleasure of interviewing the legendary Karl Steinberg (Most commonly known as Charlie). As a music software pioneer, Steinberg has been revolutionizing the production process since the ‘80s, when he started his company Steinberg GmbH, creating groundbreaking DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) products such as Cubase, Nuendo and WaveLab over the years. Read more »

The Music Marketing Lesson from Beyonce

Image courtesy of nonu photography

On 13 December 2013, one of the world’s most successful recording artists, Beyonce Knowles had done something that no other artists has done before when it comes to launching a new album. She surprised her fans, the music industry and the rest of the world by releasing a full album on iTunes only, without any of the pre-warning, marketing hype that there is in the usual lead up to new albums being released. Read more »