Electronic Dance Music

Electronic dance music (EDM) is also known as dance music, club music, or simply dance. This section is for the DJ’s, producers and engineers who focus on dance music, as well as beats for hip hop and rap music. Topics include how DJ’s use digital audio workstations (DAW), MIDI, personal computers and other peripheral devices to produce music of these genres. Click here to join our Facebook page, and keep updated with EDM articles.

Ankytrixx: the Latest Spark in India’s EDM Explosion


It seems like the mainstream music world is discovering electronic dance music slow and steady pace, with a groundswell heading for a global EDM explosion. Today, from news specials to its domination of pop radio hits, it’s everywhere. Throughout the genre’s history, big-name DJs have typically come from the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and other European nations, but now, the rest of the world is starting to catch up. American DJs are finally mastering the art and are quickly on the rise. In May 2013, YourEDM reported on the surprising growing popularity of EDM in China. Read more »

Song Analysis of Summertime Sadness – The EDM Remix that Hit Repeat

Lana Del Rey Live

As an artist, having 1 version of your song land in the top 10 throughout the world is a cause for celebration. However, doing it twice with 2 versions of the same song is a MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT. This is exactly what Lana Del Rey achieved with both the original and the Cedric Gervais Dance remix versions of Summertime Sadness. Read more »

Speculating the Future of EDM

Future of EDM - Pioneer DJ Mixer

Critics of the electronic dance music explosion have echoed their attacks at various elements of the genre. From the negative connotations it has developed because of its perceived drug culture, to the huge paychecks of some DJs who, (in the opinion of some), do little on stage to earn their enormous pay checks. Read more »

Deep House and Trap Music at Amsterdam and ADE

Sugar Factory Amsterdam

Experiencing Amsterdam and ADE’s music scene is an unforgettable and remarkable one. I had always wondered why so many Dutch artists have exploded in popularity, and after visiting the city first hand, I fully understand why. Music is not an outlet of entertainment in the Netherlands, it is a staple part of their culture, and is one of the greatest cities for music lovers around the world. Read more »

ADE – Epicentre of EDM Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event

Every year thousands of electronic dance music fanatics flock to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) to see their favorite DJs from around the world. More than 300,000 visitors from over 70 different countries engulfed the city for the 18th edition of ADE. For five full days and nights, Amsterdam offered more than 2000 EDM acts taking place in over 100 different venues. Although ADE attracts big names from the EDM industry, such as, Hardwell, Afrojack, Tiesto, and Calvin Harris; many up-and-coming DJs showcased their skills to the world. Read more »

Song Analysis of Avicii’s Wake Me Up


Some singles perform well, some perform exceptionally well, and some, in rare cases, become global hit phenomena. Avicii's Wake Me Up is one of those rare songs. Released as the lead single from his debut album, True, Avicii took a huge risk by breaking away from the successful EDM “formula” that he was known for and instead opted to team up with R&B/Soul singer extraordinaire Aloe Blacc to compose a song that pushed Pop Fusion boundaries in a direction not seen before within the mainstream. Read more »

Gimmel “Young Guru” Keaton – The Sound of New York

DJ Young Guru Keaton at SAE NY

Gimmel “Young Guru” Keaton was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2011 for his work on "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys, and he is also been given the unofficial title of “The Sound of New York”. He has donned many hats within the music industry though his work as the audio engineer behind several notable Jay-Z albums (check the shout-outs on The Black Album), Keaton has distinguished himself as one of the Hip Hop industry’s elite technical forces behind the boards. Keaton gave series of lectures in the LA and NY SAE colleges where he trained students on technical matters, and offered his unique professional wisdom. Jesse Hagen got to sit in Keaton’s sessions. Read more »

Tutorial Beginners: Creating Beats/Loops in Logic

Drum kit in Apple Logic

Composing drum tracks or loops gives producers and songwriters the ability to quick get that feel and sound that they are after. This eliminates time delays from organising the recording of a live drum track which is extremely labor intensive in comparison. For those involved in the early stages of composing, arranging or producing a demo, electronic drum tracks are a godsend. For the modern club DJ producing electronic dance music, electronic drums are a core tool of their trade. Read more »