Music Industry Innovator Karl “Charlie” Steinberg


The Music Producer’s Forum had the great pleasure of interviewing the legendary Karl Steinberg (Most commonly known as Charlie). As a music software pioneer, Steinberg has been revolutionizing the production process since the ‘80s, when he started his company Steinberg GmbH, creating groundbreaking DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) products such as Cubase, Nuendo and WaveLab over the years. Read more »

Recording Your First Album on a Budget

Home Studio image courtesy of Ben K Adams

Guest writer Narcis 'Nachos' Radoi started Smash Yo Records Charity Studio with a purpose; helping unsigned, struggling artists get a better chance in evolving and progressing their careers. Here are helpful tips and guidance into making your first album on a budget gathered from 10+ years of studio and music industry experience. Read more »

Tutorial Beginners: Creating Beats/Loops in Logic

Drum kit in Apple Logic

Composing drum tracks or loops gives producers and songwriters the ability to quick get that feel and sound that they are after. This eliminates time delays from organising the recording of a live drum track which is extremely labor intensive in comparison. For those involved in the early stages of composing, arranging or producing a demo, electronic drum tracks are a godsend. For the modern club DJ producing electronic dance music, electronic drums are a core tool of their trade. Read more »

Core Concepts: Recording Environments

Recording Studio - SAE London - Photo: Jomar Reyes

Music is created in a multitude of environments, ranging from sophisticated and commonly expensive high-end recording studios to small bedrooms. With this in mind, serious recordists must be prepared to capture performances in any space considered suitable by music makers, including venues selected for reasons other than their sonic attributes (which may seem frustrating to those expecting to always operate under ideal circumstances). Read more »

Core Concepts – The Recording Team

Author, Lecturer, Recording Engineer and Music Producer

With today's tight budgets or with the domestic productions, we have to cover more tasks in the recording process. A traditional high end budget music production will enlist a team of highly specialised studio professional, working towards the same goal of producing that great song. Read more »