SAE Institute

SAE Institute is a core partner with Music Producers Forum’s international career development initiatives. It is our common objective of playing a part in developing the future of the music industry, and together with SAE we constantly develop initatives that nurture the next generation of music industry professionals. Representatives from SAE around the world, (All of whom are already recognised industry professionals), have also contributed their thoughts, expertise and experience in MPF articles and documentaries.
This section is the collection of SAE’s editorial contribution as well as providing information and updates on their events, education and training programs.

SAE Institute: More Information

Grammy Winning presenters at SAE LA Tech Expo 2013

The SAE Institute (International Career Development Partner of the Music Producers Forum), organised the annual SAE LA Tech Expo at their Los Angeles campus. This is a ‘not to miss’ event that August with some of the music industry's most respected audio and music production professionals presenting throughout the two days. Read more »

Music Producers Forum – London Meetup 002 In Review

Due to popular demand from the first meetup in April, the Music Producers Forum's second London meet up returned on 1 July 2013 with over 50 members in attendance at the world class facilities of the SAE Institute London. The featured guest presenter was producer, recording and mixing engineer, Steve Belgrave (Audio partner of Pete Maher) with some career case studies and spoke about his work with U2 and The Rolling Stones. Read more »

Music Producers Forum – London Meetup 001 In Review

Hosted at the SAE-Institute London campus, the London Music Producers Forum meetup brought the community of producers, engineers and musicians together, sharing knowledge and experiences. These meetups are a unique chance to meet other like minded creators of music in the London scene. U2's mastering engineer Pete Maher is our special guest keynote at this historic first ever Music Producers Forum London meetup, with published authors audio lecturers Carlos Lellis Ferreira and Roey Izhaki. Read more »

SAE Institute: Latest Articles

Shooting a Music Video – The Independent Musician and Filmmaker

Music Video edit screen of One More Chance by Jean Paul Espinosa

Never before have independent artists and bands had better access to shooting a music video with such powerful media tools to enable them show their craft in cinematic and broadcast quality. YouTube now provides open distribution infrastructure that delivers full high definition content (1080p) and the equipment to for high definition broadcast ready music video production can now be purchased in a consumer electronics and whitegoods store. Read more »

Paul Falcone – One of New York’s Finest in Audio Production

New York City Skyline

Paul Falcone is a veteran mixing and recording engineer whose work has been featured on many platinum, gold certified and Grammy winning productions. His stellar array of music credits include known and popular artists such as Anita Baker, Robin Thicke, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, Jennifer Hudson, Monica and Keyshia Cole. Read more »

The London Music Scene: Future Producers Learning their Craft

The London Music Scene

The London music scene that dates back to the 60's, has had a profound impact on popular music that we have been listening to for the past 50 years. It has been the nurturing and breeding ground for genres like classic rock, punk rock and has launched many careers. Today, London continues to be a city that attracts tomorrow's artists and producers with the club scene providing venues for electronic dance music, and live venues that are home to the independent scene. The Music Producers Forum spoke to three international students at the SAE London campus who told us what brought them to London and what they wish to accomplish. (Running time: 4:43). Read more »

Gimmel “Young Guru” Keaton – The Sound of New York

DJ Young Guru Keaton at SAE NY

Gimmel “Young Guru” Keaton was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2011 for his work on "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys, and he is also been given the unofficial title of “The Sound of New York”. He has donned many hats within the music industry though his work as the audio engineer behind several notable Jay-Z albums (check the shout-outs on The Black Album), Keaton has distinguished himself as one of the Hip Hop industry’s elite technical forces behind the boards. Keaton gave series of lectures in the LA and NY SAE colleges where he trained students on technical matters, and offered his unique professional wisdom. Jesse Hagen got to sit in Keaton’s sessions. Read more »

Tutorial Beginners: Creating Beats/Loops in Logic

Drum kit in Apple Logic

Composing drum tracks or loops gives producers and songwriters the ability to quick get that feel and sound that they are after. This eliminates time delays from organising the recording of a live drum track which is extremely labor intensive in comparison. For those involved in the early stages of composing, arranging or producing a demo, electronic drum tracks are a godsend. For the modern club DJ producing electronic dance music, electronic drums are a core tool of their trade. Read more »

Core Concepts: Recording Environments

Recording Studio - SAE London - Photo: Jomar Reyes

Music is created in a multitude of environments, ranging from sophisticated and commonly expensive high-end recording studios to small bedrooms. With this in mind, serious recordists must be prepared to capture performances in any space considered suitable by music makers, including venues selected for reasons other than their sonic attributes (which may seem frustrating to those expecting to always operate under ideal circumstances). Read more »

Core Concepts – The Recording Team

Author, Lecturer, Recording Engineer and Music Producer

With today's tight budgets or with the domestic productions, we have to cover more tasks in the recording process. A traditional high end budget music production will enlist a team of highly specialised studio professional, working towards the same goal of producing that great song. Read more »