Song Analysis

Songwriting is a cross between art and science. In this section the focus is on breaking down elements of a song and looking at what makes a composition stand out above others.

Song Analysis of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

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To say that Miley Cyrus has recently been at the forefront of Pop culture would be an understatement. Her outlandish, controversial behavior including twerking at the VMA’s, stating publically to Rolling Stone that “weed is the best drug on earth,” and swinging nude from a wrecking ball all have taken her exposure (no pun intended) to astronomical heights. Read more »

Song Analysis of Summertime Sadness – The EDM Remix that Hit Repeat

Lana Del Rey Live

As an artist, having 1 version of your song land in the top 10 throughout the world is a cause for celebration. However, doing it twice with 2 versions of the same song is a MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT. This is exactly what Lana Del Rey achieved with both the original and the Cedric Gervais Dance remix versions of Summertime Sadness. Read more »

Song Analysis of Katy Perry’s Roar

Katy Perry - Image Courtesy of José Goulão

More so than any single that Katy Perry has ever released, Roar was by far the most important and carried the most weight on its shoulders. Why? Not only did it have to live up to the massive success of Teenage Dream, but it also needed to perfectly bridge the old with the new, satiating the expectations of her core Teenage Dream fanbase while at the same time breaking the mold to allow her to exercise her new creative vision and more mature direction. Read more »

Song Analysis of Avicii’s Wake Me Up


Some singles perform well, some perform exceptionally well, and some, in rare cases, become global hit phenomena. Avicii's Wake Me Up is one of those rare songs. Released as the lead single from his debut album, True, Avicii took a huge risk by breaking away from the successful EDM “formula” that he was known for and instead opted to team up with R&B/Soul singer extraordinaire Aloe Blacc to compose a song that pushed Pop Fusion boundaries in a direction not seen before within the mainstream. Read more »

Song Analysis – Selena Gomez’s Come and Get it

Selena Gomez - Come and Get it

Released as the lead single from her first solo album, Stars Dance, Come & Get It finds Selena Gomez teaming up with 3 of today’s hottest hitmakers, including Tor Hermansen & Mikkel Eriksen (both of Stargate), and Ester Dean, with the aim of separating her from her Disney past and to establish her as a major force within the mainstream Pop scene alongside contemporaries including Rihanna, Katy Perry and Britney Spears. Read more »

Song Analysis of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky

Daft Punk Get Lucky Cover Image

Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' is a global hit anomaly. How many people would have ever thought that a retro Disco/Funk/R&B song that feels like it was plucked right out of the 1970′s could top the charts in 2013 and become one of the feel good hits of the summer? Answer: not many. In this song analysis of Daft Punk's Get Lucky, Dave Penn explores the importance of constructing a radio edit for this international hit. Read more »

Song Analysis of Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive

Image courtesy of Lou Le Guilloux

Radioactive by US indie rock band Imagine Dragons reached platinum sales in Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway and the US. It was also used in the promotion of the game Assasin’s Creed III, one of Ubisoft’s most successful games. David Penn takes a look at the song to discover how and why it has such an impact on the listener. Read more »

Song Analysis of Rihanna’s Stay

Rihanna performs in Australia

Released as the second single from her latest album, Unapologetic, Stay finds Rihanna teaming up with Mikky Ekko on this emotional tour de force of a ballad that to-date has hit #1 in 7 countries and landed in the top 5 on 29 charts. In this article we're going to take a look at one of the core elements of the song that played an integral in making it so effective - the nature of the duet. Read more »

Song Analysis of The Lumineers’ Ho Hey

Lumineers by Nan Palmero

Founder of, David Penn gives us his expert insights to the hit song Ho Hey by The Lumineers. A commercial 'sleeper hit' success for independent label Dualtone Records, the song hit it's peak at 3rd on the chart after it's 28th week. Read more »