Songwriters Story

For the songwriter, the process of songwriting can often be unpredictable, challenging and in the best cases, truly rewarding. In this section it is the songwriters themselves who write about their experience, techniques and inspirations when creating new songs.

Songwriters Story: More Information

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival 2013

Every year since 2009, in the heart of Denmark’s capital city, the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival hosts music artists from around the world. ‘Celebrating Songwriters New and Known’... Read more »

Songwriters Story: Latest Articles

Writing a No. 1 Hit Song – Mark Cawley on Day and Night

Mark Cawley (Left) and Eliot Kennedy (Right)

In May 2000, the song Day and Night by Billie Piper debuted at number one on the UK single’s chart and remained on the charts for the following 12 weeks. This hit song was an international collaboration and songwriter Mark Cawley (US) recalls his contribution to the creative process. Read more »

A Diary from the LA Music Business – Szilva’s Story


Drawn to the bright lights of Los Angeles, Australian music artist, songwriter and producer Szilva has a firm grip on the infamous LA music business. Her production company, that she co-founded together with platinum selling songwriter Chris Landon licenses their catalog of music. This includes companies such as BMG Music, Sony Music, Warner Bros, Universal, Lions Gate, Focus Features, CBS, NBC, Paramount Pictures and Disney and Nightingale as well as music artists around the world. This is Szilva’s story of the LA journey. Read more »