Songwriting Tips

Collaborative Songwriting – 5 Invaluable Tips

Mark Cawley and Sarah Buxton

Bouncing ideas of a work colleague or friends can often help fine tune a great idea, or simply reveal an idea to be a dud. For songwriters, sharing a musical idea, lyrics or melody is never as easy as asking someone for their opinion about an idea. Creating a song is like exposing your soul and your emotions are amplified with the positive or negative feedback. For the parents out there, it is like people commenting or criticizing your child or parenting skills. These fears can often hold people back from the collaborative process in songwriting. We asked no.1 hit song writer  and songwriting coach Mark Cawley for some tips, and he gave us 5 that he uses in his collaborative songwriting process. Read more »

Song Analysis of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Screenshot 2014-02-28 09.00.23

To say that Miley Cyrus has recently been at the forefront of Pop culture would be an understatement. Her outlandish, controversial behavior including twerking at the VMA’s, stating publically to Rolling Stone that “weed is the best drug on earth,” and swinging nude from a wrecking ball all have taken her exposure (no pun intended) to astronomical heights. Read more »

Writing Songs for Major Artists

Joe Cocker 
Image Courtesy Naaman Saar Stavy

The most common question I get from my songwriting students is “How did you get your songs recorded by major artists?”. The second most common question from my students is “So how can I?”. Networking & working your network. If you are writing songs, you gotta do both…a lot! Read more »