Social Networks

Music Producers Forum is on Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Tumblr and WordPress. Each social network has it’s different ways that they are best utilised. Here is a quick summary of how we manage our presence on these social networks.

Facebook Page

Facebook is the worlds largest social network with over 1 billion members. It is used predominantly in a casual social manner with people sharing photos and updates of their activities.

We post 5-7 articles weekly through our Facebook page. These are articles from reputable publications such as Billboard magazine, Rolling Stone as well as some of the leading websites that report on the industry and provide valuable insights. We also post our weekly articles on the Facebook page as they are published.


Our Twitter feed appears on our home page, and we retweet 4-6 links to articles per day. We also tweet any breaking news as it happens.


Linkedin Group and Discussion

Our discussion forum is hosted on our Linkedin Group. A maximum of 3 new discussions are posted this week.

Linkedin Company Page

Our company page is our listing on Linkedin, and we update our status with new articles as we publish them.


Tumblr has become one of the fastest growing social networks for the younger demographic. It offers an easy to setup and easy to share blog network, and is a highly viral environment.