Evan Buist has worked on thousands of projects spanning TVCs, promos, cinema commercials, documentary, animation, radio commercials, short films, corporate videos and even children’s television working with Paramount Pictures, Vodafone, 3 Mobile, The Lifestyle Channel, Nature’s Way, Universal, ABC, Naturopathica, National Geographic Channel and Dreamworks. In this article he talks about the importance of sound design.

What is sound design?

Sound design is a term commonly used in film, television, advertising, radio, gaming, App development and other forms of digital media, but also exists in the realms of live performance, theatre, sound art and much more.

The auditory element of a production can give an audience subtle clues about plot, help to identify and develop characters, set the pace, indicate a location, heighten or diminish realism, set the mood, or profoundly change the way an audience feels about something or someone.

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