From Jomar @ Music Producers Forum

Here’s a well overdue update. A Summer in Europe meant that I have had time to reboot and relaunch Music Producers Forum’s website. I’ve been working on a cleaner layout and a simpler content structure so finding articles can be easier. That being said, the editorial direction remains quality over quantity, with articles updated and reworked over time.

I’ve had one and a half year’s hiatus from Music Producers Forum, distracted with a career in marketing (Ironically, I was initially hired by a global financial company to run their content and TV production in 2010-2012 based on the work that I have done with Music Producers Forum). This lead to a deeper career in marketing, lecturing and producing events and conferences, unfortunately with less to do with the music industry – basically, distracted with the dollar (Or in my case the Danish Kroner).

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