Producer Profiles

This section features music producers, including interviews and articles on their achievements and insights from their learnings. Coming soon are interviews from our archive with producers such as David Kershenbaum (Duran Duran, Tracy Chapman, Supertramp & Cat Stevens) and Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac, Billy Idol and Colbie Caillat).

There are many discussions in the music industry regarding Spotify’s impact, on whether it is making it harder or easier for music artists to make a good living from their craft. So the questions are, is it possible as an independent artist/acts, to make a decent income from Spotify and if so, how?

It was around early 2006 when I first came across Colbie Calliat in the days when MySpace ruled and YouTube was just a fresh startup. I became a fan well before the release of Colbie’s first album Coco, and the first (then) independent artist I was regularly playing on YouTube. At the time, I didn’t […]

Oak Felder is a Grammy winning songwriter producer that has shaped the sound of Pop and R&B music in the 2000’s to this present day. He has worked with artists such as Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Usher, Demi Levato, Ariana Grande, Miguel, Rhianna, Jason Derulo and The Chain Smokers.