The Takeover Music Festival has its roots as one of the first online music festival from its earlier version The Hangout Festival first run in 2013 by Mark Knight of Right Chord Music. With the 2020 festival happening in the eye of the Corona storm 8-10 May, Music Producers Forum saw it as a great opportunity to support this event by sharing it with our international community.

Through the times of the Corona Virus locking down the world, musicians have been forced to discover the online audience. We asked the Festival Founder Mark Knight a few questions about the festival.

To sign up to the festival, click here to visit the event page on Facebook here:

Jomar: What was the inspiration and idea behind the creation of The Takeover?

Mark: Due to Coronavirus every gig, tour and festival has been cancelled, personally I couldn’t imagine a summer without any live music, so I decided to give musicians an alternative stage. I see The Takeover Festival as an antidote to isolation. I believe in the power of music to connect people, which is why we’re supporting Nordoff Robbins. As the UK’s largest independent music therapy charity, they use music to enrich the lives of people with life-limiting illnesses, disabilities and feelings of isolation and I wanted to help them change more lives. It’s technically free to watch The Takeover Festival, but we are asking viewers to make a donation to support the artists or Nordoff Robbins.

Jomar: What has been some of the most rewarding aspects of the earlier festivals?

Mark: The diversity of performers and locations, we had artists from the UK, US, India, Canada, Australia in 2017 and they were performing in music venues, hotel rooms, living rooms, garages and balconies. How many times have you seen an Indian artist playing live on your news feed? The Internet really opens up the world. For many artists they get to play to fans and family dotted around the world, that may not normally ever be able to see them play. We’ve had grandmothers and grandfathers tuning in to support grandchildren, which is very gratifying.

The 2020 lineup for The Takeover online Music Festival
The 2020 lineup for The Takeover online Music Festival

Jomar: Tell us a bit about some of the Artists who are performing?

Mark: The benefit of running a new music blog (Right Chord Music) and a new music Podcast (Lost On Radio) is we get sent a huge amount of music, so discovery is easy. Lots of the artists on the bill were known to us already. Like Officer, a former Right Chord Music artist of the year – his new album Night Tennis, is a work of art. Or Rhonda Merrick who came through our Major Labl, consultancy business, she is a 50+ year old soul singer from Louisiana, now living in the UK, who has just never really been discovered or had the stage to be heard. Her voice will blow you away. Our friends at Nordoff Robbins are also bringing some special secret guests to the bill, so watch out for some more familiar names on the bill too.

Jomar: The internet has impacted the music industry more than any other. How much more change and evolution do you see the internet having on music?

Mark: Firstly a change in the way all unsigned artists promote their music. At the moment most unsigned artists still follow the traditional major label model whereby they spend thousands chasing radio, press and gigs. Through our management consultancy business Major Label, we advise unsigned artists to start their marketing by focusing on the channels they can control. EG social media. This approach is must more cost efficient and starts with the fans. The greatest gift that social media has given unsigned artists is the opportunity to generate cost efficient reach and frequency through their marketing. They can now control who they reach, when they reach them and what they say. Spending thousands on traditional PR or radio pluggers doesn’t deliver reach or frequency for unsigned artists.

The second change will be driven by the adoption and role out of 5G, when the lag is removed from connectivity the opportunities become endless. You can literally have members of a live band in different countries all playing together in perfect time. Suddenly live streams can go to the next level!

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