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Here’s a well overdue update. A Summer in Europe meant that I have had time to reboot and relaunch Music Producers Forum’s website. I’ve been working on a cleaner layout and a simpler content structure so finding articles can be easier. That being said, the editorial direction remains quality over quantity, with articles updated and reworked over time.

I’ve had one and a half year’s hiatus from Music Producers Forum, distracted with a career in marketing (Ironically, I was initially hired by a global financial company to run their content and TV production in 2010-2012 based on the work that I have done with Music Producers Forum). This lead to a deeper career in marketing, lecturing and producing events and conferences, unfortunately with less to do with the music industry – basically, distracted with the dollar (Or in my case the Danish Kroner).

Looking Back

Looking back, Music Producers Forum has held events in Sydney, London, New York and Copenhagen, we have interviewed some legends such as David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman, Janet Jackson, The Police to name a few), Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac, Colbie Caillat, Herbie Hancock, Alice Cooper and founder of Artist Max). I’ve also been working with the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival as a board member and helping in any way possible.

Taking Stock

At this moment, we have over 2,500 subscribed members, 8,000 followers on Facebook, 26,000 members on the Linkedin Group and 6,300 followers on Twitter. The reach has continued to organically grow (Much to my amazement). There is a global community of people to connect, share and inspire each other with their journey with creating music.

On a personal level, a solid career path comes with solid benefits of being able to fund the things you love (Music gear), and this has also supported reinvigorated my own songwriting & productions.

The Reboot

One of the sparks that reignited the reboot of Music Producers Forum, was doing the Artist Pro 12 week interactive training program. Although this was mainly for assisting with my own music catalogue, connecting with other artists and under the guidance of Hisham Dahud (ArtistPro founder) it was a good inspiration to make things happen with the Music Producers Forum.

For more info on ArtistPro, visit

Looking Forward

Abbey Road Visit: I’ve been invited to attend graduate ceremony for 2019 Abbey Road Institute at the end of October. We’ll feature some of the best graduates and their work.

Copenhagen Songwriter Festival: 29 August – 1 September, over 40 songwriters from around the globe will be performing at the Copenhagen Songwriter Festival. I’ll be there to assist in the operations as well as cover the event and feature some highlights.

Events in 2020: We’ll be scheduling at least 3 Music Producer Forums P2P, in London, Copenhagen and another city yet to be decided. If you have any thoughts or ideas on a city or a topic to discuss at one of these evenings, then let me know (

Articles from the old site will be updated and republished over time, as well as new stories. If you like to submit an orginal article for to be published, let me know.

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